Meet the Team

As a licensed Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams, Wayne provides a full range of client-centred real estate services while bringing an extensive background in renovation expertise to every deal.

Obviously, I’m a broker! I love my job. I love guiding and protecting my clients through what is typically the largest transaction of their lives. I understand and appreciate the importance of my role and am honoured and grateful every time someone entrusts me with their real estate needs.

My role as a listing agent is to maximize my client’s equity protection…i.e.  net them the most money!  There is no greater thrill than selling someone’s house and as I leave their home and walk down the driveway to my car, hear them cheer with glee …true story that still makes me smile!

I get a similar thrill when I work with buyers where we start with an in depth consultation to determine their needs and ultimately negotiate them a great deal on their dream home. Those celebrations are equally as wonderful!

My vision for my real estate business is long term and relies heavily on building a business full of satisfied clients. This can only be accomplished by truly listening to my client’s needs and dreams and doing whatever I can to make those dreams come true.

Along the way, I hope to become friends with my clients and build a real estate family of raving fans. My business is always about what is best for my client…even if it means taking the harder road to get there.